Mourning the Loss of Originality


You ever get tired of reading the same quote on every form of social media? Or seeing the same picture reblogged 100 times over?

Sure, I’ll be the first one to admit I love sharing inspiration. If I’m not writing an article, I’m posting something that made me smile.

These things that I post though? They’re my own sources of inspiration. They’re not influenced by what the world around me wants to see.

I don’t feel comfortable just accepting what others like, or pretend to like. I want to constantly challenge myself to explore new possibilities, to see new perspectives. I aspire to grow into nothing less than who I truly am.

So, when I see people just recycling old ideas, old ideas that don’t even belong to them, it kills me. Each of us have such unique minds. Why not use them? Why must we constantly imitate what we see around us?

I know it’s human nature to want to belong, but where do you draw the line?

The game of make believe is a lot scarier in the real world.



One thought on “Mourning the Loss of Originality

  1. I actually think fear has a lot to do with it. I put a lot of energy into showing something of my world, of how I see things and often it goes un-noticed. I get a lot of, “it’s good.” or “I like it,” it’s not that I don’t appreciate the positive feedback it’s that I’d prefer a discussion, a challenge, perhaps even an opposite viewpoint, something to validate that I at least attempted to create something meaningful.
    Thankyou for sharing something meaningful.


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