My Greatest Fear


Spiders. What awful little creatures. I mean, I know they serve the planet well and all but wow are those things terrifying. If you put one even ten feet away from me, I will run for dear life. And I’m not talking a giant tarantula type thing, like you see in the movies. I mean if there’s a teensy, tiny little guy crawling on my bedroom wall, I’m going to scream and run for the hills.

However, lucky for you, (and for me) this isn’t about spiders. Not at all. In fact as scary as those nasty eight-legged creatures may be, spiders are nothing compared to what I’m about to share with you.

The most paralyzing thought I have is a recurring one. It’s one that shakes me to my core. One that keeps me up late at night but also one that sends chills down my spine bright and early in the morning. My greatest fear is that one day, I’ll wake up one of the robots. One of the machines. One of the computers programmed to follow every order on a never-ending list. Day after day after day. And that will be my “life.”

You see I believe that everyone has something to offer this world. Something uniquely theirs. And my greatest fear is falling into the trap of silencing that. As children, we’re taught “Chase your dreams, no matter what. ” And then at some point, years later, an adult comes along and smacks us with the “You have to be realistic” talk. And all that passion, those beautiful, beautiful dreams sink away. Because dreams are “just dreams.” They’re not real.

Well I guess that’s why I’m writing this. To say I think that’s a load of sh*t. That you can choose to chase the dream and make it work. You can fight for your passion and make it your career.

Will it be easy? Of course not. The system is set so that you will fail. So that you will fall in line. But that’s just it. The world doesn’t need any more robots. The world needs thinkers, doers, creators; not repeaters.

We need NEW ideas. We need innovators. And maybe a new word for innovators. We need all that stuff the world has never seen before…because you, yes you reading this, haven’t created it yet.

Consider this a call to arms. The world is waiting.




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